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It is not even two weeks since my self-congratulatory post about creating my own website and I am already at Stage 2 of development.

Seeing my site every day has been cringe-worthy. It looks amateurish – not the kind of image I want (or need?) to present. There are also few options to change the colour scheme of the background or menu items.

So I engaged the services of my friend Ben Hourigan who knows a heap more about websites than I will ever know. Over the course of a pleasant Sunday afternoon Ben convinced me that I needed a better platform and patiently explained the apparently simple steps to achieving a more functional and better looking site.

One week later, after achieving little (despite spending several hours on the project) I was in touch with Ben again, offering to pay him to create the site for me. In three and a half hours he had achieved a minor miracle. He also has a plan for finishing it and I know it will be done.

What has this taught me? There are several things:

1) I am a writer, not a web designer,
2) I need to outsource tasks not related to my core business so I can get on with the writing bit,
3) Writing brings me joy, while web development just makes me want to throw my laptop against the wall (see 1) above),
4) I should focus on what brings me joy (see 3) – life’s too short to do otherwise,
5) I should focus on what I am good at and be grateful for my talents,

…and, above all,

6) I need to value the support of others – writing can be a lonely and isolating activity; just talking through issues with colleagues makes me feel less lonely and isolated.

Yesterday,  I felt so far away from having a proper author profile. Today it all seems amazingly close.

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