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About Julia Kaylock

Today, and hopefully for many years to come, I am and will be a a full-time author. I am also a traveller and a story practitioner. I live on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia with my husband, adult daughter and two cats. I have another daughter who is married and a grandson who is, of course, everything that is wonderful.

I write on a wide range of topics and my genres include poetry, plays, short stories, autobiography and social commentary.

In my life before now (under my former name, Julie Farthing) I have been an employment officer, case manager and a career practitioner/educator (which meant I worked with individual clients and groups), a newspaper columnist, writing teacher and project manager. I also wrote a number of career texts, some of these were on assignment and others I self-published.

Like most authors, I have been writing since I was small. I remember getting my first cat, called Sugar, when I was five or six years old and I wrote a poem about him (yes i did use punctuation, I was always anal about that kind of stuff):

Soft and smooth, sleek and black,
That’s my pussy cat.

It wouldn’t win any literary prizes, but we all have to start small. Hopefully I have improved since then. (My poems have definitely become more complex).

I finally did my Arts degree when I was a mother with two little girls – I read so many books and did so much writing that I thought my head would explode. It was sheer joy! Luckily my head survived and I went on to write a ridiculous amount of stuff over the next twenty or so years – and I got paid for a lot of it.

So now it is time to let my creativity run rampant! In 2016 I have several projects underway, including a story about adoption, a book of poetry, a play and a book of short stories. Longer term projects include a novel or two that are in their infancy right now.

I hope you enjoy my journey and that I can provide some entertainment along the way.



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