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Portugazing towards the sun

Portugazing towards the sun

Portugal has always held a fascination for me. Let’s face it, most countries fascinate me for one reason or another. But Portugal is extra fascinating for me because I always associate the country and its capital, Lisbon, with Sean Connery. It was through the...

Limping around South-East Asia

Earlier this year, in the late summer February warmth, I was feeling a little bit down in the dumps. My next overseas trip was so far away (in September) and I would have a whole Melbourne winter to get through, so I started looking at what I might do in the meantime....

Styles of Travel for Baby Boomers

It would be fair to say that I have travelled using most of the conventional methods over the past ten or so years. I’ve ‘free-styled’ on some trips and carefully planned others. I’ve travelled on trains, hired cars, sailed, and toured in large...

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